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The Cides srl, in order to concur a more modern and advanced system of communication and management of the security systems, has and is developing systems with the employment of Touch Screen for panels to used.


The indiscussi advantages are obvious: 

- Friendly use also of panels and or arranges complexes, without the forced learning of long and manual borings; 

- lessened reduction of the possibilities of error of use of the system; 

- constant aid to the customer in untying itself between the more complex menu; 

- optimal graphical visibility of use also in get worse environmental conditions them of use; 

- report of alarms and events exhausted to you.


The main characteristics of the system shortly are described in the below points:

-Icon menu.

-Keypad emulation.

- Arm/disarm areas/sectors.

-Visualization alarms of zone/inputs.

-Check and visualization of the state of the panels.

To second of the requirements they have been developed to three configurations type:

Configuration 1: Logon between a card General Purpose connected to one panel and one or more Touch Screen.

Configuration 2: Logon between a Prc-Touch connected to one panel and one or more Touch Screen.

Configuration 3: Logon between a MapsKit system, a Prc Touch and one net of  Touch Screen.


Icon Menu


Immediate access to the below menu and the functions of keyboard
through icon of simple understanding for I use it.

Function memo for the recording of messages.


Keypad Emulation

With one graphical winning to high resolution, they come emulated
system keyboards, (for concurred how much from the protocols of
centers them interfacciate), in simple and very visible way, therefore
from being able to introduce codes of access for qualifications to
inserimenti/disinserimenti, elements of programming, and eventual
tests. The push-buttons design to you in 3D and it marks them acoustic
bound together, concur one realistic reproduction of the pressure on
the keyboard..


Arm/Disarm areas/sectors.



The arm/disarm of areas/setctors, the activation/disactivation of outputs/commands can happen, selecting the map interested and therefore pressing on the graphical area correspondent. The graphical visaualization with the colorations fixed on the Touch Screen, is the exact bringing back in "real time" of the states 

of panel.


Visualization alarms of zone/inputs


Every zone/detectors can have its breakup on the graphical maps, with
the visualization in real time of its state (open/close, alarm or tamper, exclusion etc.). To second of the used version of Touch Screen, the insertion of a number more or less remarkable is possible than graphical maps, for the rappresentazione of a system located in same extension horizontal(on the  slowly) or extension vertical(on the different plans) For  the domotics systems is possible to control directly on the graphical maps, scenes preconfigura you like controls/regulations of lights, activations of motors, activations of taken to current etc.


           Check and visualization of the state of the panels.


General a synoptic visualization allows the access, visualization
and shipment commandos, to the several members of the system like
general situation of, fuses, expansions and or concentratori, remote
keyboards, zones/sectors, groups, escapes, locals power source,batteries,

 dimmer, motors tapparelle, etc.