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The Cides it has developed of the cards hardware, adapted to the realization of synoptic panels for the various panels. These cards compose of miniums arrange constituted from cards master (connected to panels), from intelligent units (prc master synoptic), and from Output cards (32 escapes open collector) addressable, than show  the state of the points or the areas.


The following elements constitute the base of these systems:

- General Purpose Card for Master Sinoptic

-Cards od Outputs open collector.

-Prc MasterSin.

-Visual display units to  leds.




 General Purpose Card for MasterSinoptic.


These cards concur, for the panels to interface, (to see Directory Panels ),the  visualization through outputs (open collector), of states zones or states areas. The number of the zones and the areas, is clearly legacy to the tipology and to the characteristics of it panels. Three various types of state can be reproduced: extinguished for zone(input) inactive, access fixed for zone(input) active and ignited blinking for zone(input) in alarm.The logon towards panels it them is through one serial connection RS232, while towards the cards of outputs it is in connection RS485.






Cards of Outputs open collector.


Cards of 32 outputs open collector (until 50 mA on every output),
concur the pilotage of leds or optical visual display units in
coupling with the cards General Purpose MasterSin or the PrcMasterSin.
Addressable through dip-switch, concurs the rappresentation of
three various states for the zones of panels.It is possible the connection on the same bus Rs485 of cards with the same address so as to to be repeaters in various leases of the same ones input.





Prc MasterSin.


Unit of management panels with possibility of logon to nets TCP/IP. It can to second of the necessary configurations, to develop to the management of the communications or towards the system Maps User and the cards of outputs, or directly towards them it panels them and the cards of outputs..




Visual display units to leds.

Visual display units to leds to high intensity and high bicolored or tricolour visibility. Impermeable Package with canopy of luminous protection, for use  Inside or external. Ideals for the visualization of states panels. Super produced luminous emissions give:


for IperRed        Gallium,Alluminium,Arsenide

for Green            Gallium,Phosphide

for Bleu               GaN on SiC


You only contact to us also for the supply of the visual display

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