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MapsKit32 is a graphical maps system for real time management of security and safey installations
(intrusion, fire detection, gas detection, CCTV)

It's based on 32 bit Windows (Win 9X, Me, NT/4, 2000 e XP) PCs and on specific hardware components.

The windows based visualisation gives facilities to report on graphical maps (i.e.: building plants)
the signalisations coming from installation, in a very intuitive and immediate way.

There are two different system typologies:

  • MapsKit32S (serial version) for a maximum of 8 panels and a single operating point (PC).
  • MapsKit32/S: mixed solution
  • MapsKit32Net (TCP/IP net) for multiple panels and multiple operating points (PCs)
  Graphical maps construction module: MapsGen32.

MapsGen32 module allows, across a convivial graphical interface and the usual tools of Windows, construction of the hierarchical tree structure of graphical maps.
Form a main map is possible to navigate down the tree on sub maps on wich are positioned the point control (detectors).In case of alarm, Mapskit32 switches directlly on the map on wich are positioned the alarmed detector.

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  Events and alarms management
  The events that occour in the system are classified in different levels with different meaning and priority and are memorized in an on-line real-time updated archive.
The user can select, inside different alarm levels, that will active acoustical signal of PC or not.
Furthermore, there's the possibility to acknowledge one or all of pending alarms
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  Panels management
A specific form for each panel in the system allows reporting status and sending command.
The details of this form depend from the type end model of the panel
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MapsKit32/S Mista