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MapsKit32 is a graphical maps system for real time management of security and safey installations (intrusion, fire detection, gas detection, CCTV)
It's based on 32 bit Windows (Win 9X, Me, NT/4, 2000 e XP) PCs and on specific hardware components.
The windows based visualisation gives facilities to report on graphical maps (i.e.: building plants) the signalisations coming from installation, in a very intuitive and immediate way.
There are two different system typologies:

  • MapsKit32S (serial version) for a maximum of 8 panels and a single operating point (PC).
  • MapsKit32Net (TCP/IP net) for multiple panels and multiple operating points (PCs)


MapsKit32/s TCP/IP Net version

Net version of system goes beyond all the limitations of the two previous solutions.
It gives the possibilità to manage many different panels (max. 20) from many operating point (PCs) by a TCP/IP WAN (wide area network), according to the diagram in Figure

For that the Procontroller (PRC) devices are used.

The PRC is charged of two different tasks:

  • Keep in memory and transfer, as per request, on TCP/IP network, the information necessaries to different operating PCs.
  • Manage the interactions with other PRCs for transversal command execution between the different subsystems
    (i.e.: switching of video matrix due to an alarm).

This distributed intelligence structure, permit to have operating points (PCs) completely independents
and to introduce the "degradating operation" of entire system.

In facts, when all the PCs where inactive, for any reason, the system would continue to work with a limited set of operations (transversal command, events memorisations, etc.).

The use of PRC gives the possibility to manage, completely and in real time, from every operating point (PC), of the installation.