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MapsKit32 is a graphical maps system for real time management of security and safey installations (intrusion, fire detection, gas detection, CCTV)
It's based on 32 bit Windows (Win 9X, Me, NT/4, 2000 e XP) PCs and on specific hardware components.
The windows based visualisation gives facilities to report on graphical maps (i.e.: building plants) the signalisations coming from installation, in a very intuitive and immediate way.
There are two different system typologies:

  • MapsKit32S (serial version) for a maximum of 8 panels and a single operating point (PC).
  • MapsKit32Net (TCP/IP net) for multiple panels and multiple operating points (PCs)

MapsKit32/S: the serial version

The serial version of system manages a maximum of 8 different panels, connected to a single operating point (PC),
between serial connections.
The panels may be connected to the PC directly by a RS232 connection,
or by protocol conversion devices (RS232 => RS485, RS232 => Current Loop).

Different typologies are schematically drawn in Fig. 1:

The serial solution, ideal for local supervision of installation distributed on low dimensions areas (1 Km ca.), is characterized of a single operating point (PC).
The limited resources of personal computers (no. of serial ports) give the number of panels to supervising.